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Sacil Armstrong

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My Creative Mischief logo

Logo inspiration. I like simple logos. I would like to include a kokopelli (mischief maker) in the logo. I'm thinking I don't need my entire business name in the logo, maybe just the initials.


I like the typeface below becuase it's bold and looks drawn, not just handwritten. I think the word creative should be in a softer handwritten typeface, but I haven't found one, yet. For the logo, I'm thinking I could replace the C with a kokopelli.


I created the kokopelli in Inkscape. I chose purple and green to convey creative and earthy/spiritual to match the fun and the meditative aspects of Zentangle. I wanted bright, fun colors, but not cheap. I'm not sure I have the right tones, but this is just the first version.


I'm working on different layouts:


I'm struggling to get the colors to show up like I want. The swatchs in inkscape aren't working like Illustrator.


So I showed my logo around. People who know I'm starting a business knew what the logo was without the name. People who didn't know me asked if MCM was MOM. So I changed the kokopelli. I think it looks more like a C.


Final logo: I decided to stick with black instead of using a color. Traditional zentangle for mindfulness is done with black ink on white paper. I can stamp black on any color or use it in white on dark colors. It eliminates the need to match inks, etc. I wanted the word "creative" to look a little different than the rest, so I moved the letters up and down so the word isn't so linear. I think I finally have the look I was going for. The larger kokopelli has a design on his skirt using the "language" of zentangle, and I took it off for the smaller version since the ink would bleed to fill it in anyway.



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