My Creative Life Purpose - Mission Statement

I am at my best when I am laughing.

I laugh, love, create, inspire, connect, learn, dance, swim, ride my bike, sing, practice yoga.

I enjoy singing, supporting others, being silly, seeing joy in life, dancing, connecting, traveling, cooking, throwing parties and events, inspiring others, inspiring myself.

I  learn and collaborate, mentor and am mentored. I seek inspiring, creative, joyful peers and friends!

My life's journey is an adventure filled with travel, self love and love for others. I bring my own silly self, my joy for life everywhere. I am accessible, approachable, inspiring. I am inspired by creative, imaginative, risk takers! My life is long, healthy, happy and ever expanding!

I will be a person who Kelly, Pam, Jennifer, Brian, Cary, Jenny, Tabbie, possibly my children, all my dogs will reflect on by saying

" She was so fun, she helped me see my true potential, we laughed our asses off, we traveled the world, we danced until we collapsed, we chased squirrels and experienced life beyond our imagination!"

  I guide others to self love, self heal, express their true authentic lives and live joyfully!

I admire in others and cultivate in myself:

  • A sense of adventure
  • Creative expression / Sillyness / Always being true to self
  • Being authentic/Speaking up / Singing from the soul

I  renew myself by:

  • Swimming, yoga, dance, running out of breathe each day, getting regular massages, spending less time on my butt. Having lot's of sex! Eating awesome food!
  • Meditation, yoga, making art, being in nature, changing my surroundings
  • Reading, talk with interesting, stimulating people, listening to pod-casts, learning new things, resting.
  • Staying connected to amazing friends, making new friends, joyfully collaborating with others. Spending
  • time with my husband. Spend time loving my family.


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