My Creative Journal

My Creative Journal - student project

Yep, its a binder. LOL. I printed out pictures to use in collages - a lovely thing with inkjet is that you can smear the color around with water, like watercolor. Which - I admit to having done, adding my own watercolor stuff on top! Beside the point... Anyway, this was one such image I intended to do that with, but I said - hey, I like it. It feels.. free. Besides, its in shades of blue that really appeal to me. So, I got out my glass dip pen, my purple ink (at hub's direction), created the lettering, then inked it out. It felt a little... lost. So, I added the "weight" to it by filling in the bottoms with ink and then inking lines. I chose a binder because I had decided, even before taking the class (my first one, and I really loved it!), that I would add all kinds of things that sparked my creativity into this journal - paint chips, leaves, flowers, fabric, pictures, etc. A binder seemed most practical, as I can always expand, or even migrate everything into a much larger binder once I have stuffed this one full. I can rearrange it at any time, too - Im not limited by sewn-in papers (At first, I intended on using the journal I'm currently working on making/binding). I do love to rearrange things... it puts me in my happy place! ;)
Good news is, I already have things to add to my journal, thanks to this class. Thank you for teaching it!