My Creative Goals 2017

My Creative Goals 2017 - student project

I really like the idea of creating a book with your goals, I'm planning to start a freelance career specialising in branding but will be doing websites and other print design too so this year I'm focusing on developing my career as well as my skills :) All of the images I've used I've borrowed from pinterest.

I think I'm the most skilled in Branding and enjoy doing it a lot so I want to keep improving and attract clients once I'm ready to set up my freelance career. I will have had my first client before the end of December :)

My Creative Goals 2017 - image 1 - student project

My next goal is to practice more illustration and pattern design. I love patterns and illustrations so would like to improve in that area for fun as well as to add to my skillset. I'm looking forward to going through Ohn Mar's class on creating an illustrated recipe and submitting to TDAC. I especially like food illustrations and patterns so I'm a big fan of Ohn Mar's designs and one day want to design for a cookbook, but that will be next years goal I think.

My Creative Goals 2017 - image 2 - student project

I am currently learning more web design and development too, I enjoyed doing it a lot and want to pick it up again. I aim to work on this everyday by working on personal projects as well as also creating a website for myself.

My Creative Goals 2017 - image 3 - student project

I've also started to create pages for health and other parts of my life too and I've already started to figure out the steps I need to take from now on.

Thank you Ohn Mar :)

Sam Johnson
Graphic Designer