My Creative Doodly Goodness

My Creative Doodly Goodness - student project

I have been saving this Hogwarts journal for probably 2 years. It has got a lovely cover and soft interior pages. I always love the feeling of good paper. Just that inspires me.

* for some reason my pictures are sideways. :) But so is this smiley! :)

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Tree Meditation

Sometimes I get stuck by the blank page a bit, but I just give myself room to make mistakes and make it part of the art. Instead of seeing the wayward line as an error, I accept it as the best part of the process.

Every time I accept the mistakes on the page, it gives me practice in accepting the mistakes within myself. I become more forgiving and more accepting and the work I produce is ultimately better.

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Abundance Meditation

I noticed that I paused for several days before coming back to do the Abundance Meditation. I chalked it up to being busy, but when I sat down to do it, the energy shifts were huge. I noticed where I feared abundance and was clinging to lack mentality. The fear of the unknown, of a new state of unlimited abundant flow, popped right up.

Even though the start of the meditation was uncomfortable, as the old energy and thought pattern shifted I could feel relaxation and energy flowing more easily. As I continue to separate the ideas of 'hard work' and 'money', I will relax into a state of receiving. Money no longer comes from working hard in my life and there is a part of me that feels guilt and resists money that I did not have to sweat to earn. 

As I let these old thought patterns go, I am able to access the flow of energy that sustains and supports me. I know from experience that every time I relax into that energy, amazingly good things come into my life. Opportunities pop up all over the place and all I have to do is follow the flow of it.

I'm feeling really good about this meditation and I plan on doing it often. I'm really interested to see how my feelings toward that unlimited abundance energy will change as I do.

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