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My Cotton Candy Jellyfish

Hi Everyone,

My name is Christiana and I'm your teacher for this class. :) I've been crocheting for most of my life and absolutely love it! For my class project, I decided to make a pastel pink and blue jellyfish. I saw these colors and it reminded me of cotton candy, so I thought they'd be fun together! I'll be checking the class projects regularly to see what awesome color combinations you come up with. Have fun and let me know if you need help!


I'm using a soft, wool-acrylic blend yarn I found at my local yarn shop. The fiber fill I'm using is a "cluster style" "Premium" stuffing that I picked up at JoAnn. I love this stuffing because it's easier to work with and feels really soft. It's also nice because it won't clump together and get lumpy like some of the cheaper options.


I placed my eyes with nine stitches in between. These safety eyes are so cute and brought my jellyfish to life!


My cotton candy Jellyfish is complete!! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. He's so CUTE! :)


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