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My Commute - Hello Skill Share World

My Commute - Hello Skill Share World!!

My first taste of Skill Share. With so many great courses available, it was hard to choose where to start. In the end, I went with Catherine's introduction to visual thinking. This is an area of great interest to me and I have wanted to practice with my 53 pencil and the free paper app for some time!!  

Having recently started a much longer daily commute from Windsor UK (where the Queen lives at the weekend) to London UK (where the Queen lives during the week), the topic of travel was of particular interest. 



My first step was creating a visual of my commute. My image was very simple, showing me starting in the comfort of my own bed, jumping in the car to drive to the station, getting on the train, arriving in London and then travelling across town to my office. I liked how Catherine used the paper app to quickly create the windows on the office building – so of course I copied that idea!!   



I focused my mind map on key aspects of my daily commute. Rather than using the same colour for related topics (as the tutorial), I used colours to focus on the pros and cons of different options. Red representing a higher level of stress or an unhealthy option and green the reverse.



Following some of Catherine's suggestions, I created various charts looking at the relationship between time, cost and stress / happiness for a daily commute. Being fairly familiar with this kind of charting in Excel, Powerpotin etc., it was interesting to me how drawing the charts by hand helped me to focus more on the overall message. It was also great to see that the cheapest options were the healthiest and happiest!!



Warming up with the exercises, I now had lots of ideas and confidence to create my final image.

I had the concept of how travelling in rush hour can create stress and makes us feel lesshappy. I felt this could link visually with the concept of a jar of jam with lots of unhappy people crammed in, also conveying the phrase "Traffic Jam".  My final image aims to highlight the benefits of alternative options such as walking and cycling (meaning leaving early), or to drive - (which might cost a bit more but perhaps a better options when it's raining).   



Overall I enjoyed the course and am very pleased with my final image. It is definitely something I would not have created without following the exercises. I also learned a lot in terms of using my 53 Pencil and the free Paper App, I am now confident to use it for other projects.

Thank you Catherine!! 


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