Randy Meredith

Instructional Designer & Lettering Fan



My Colorized retro car

I enjoyed re-learning the colorizing technique. I used this approach a couple of decades ago (before such a thing as Photoshop in the cloud). Job changes took me out of a graphic role, and over time I forgot all about this. It was a pleasure to become reacquainted with the colorization process.

Having said all that, working with textures is new for me and I relished the opportunity to learn how to add "dimension", as you called it. I need to explore your courses on texture. I think they will help me upgrade my simple designs.

I attached the image of my retro car. It's nothing special. I colorized the car once, but after watching the videos a second time, I went back and did it again just to make sure I remembered the process.

Well done Helen! I love this lunch time series.


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