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Sveta Oleinikova




My Color Schemes

Hello there!

Geri, thank you very much, this course is really helpful for me! Thanks for sharing tips, tricks and templates to make own palettes. I spent all evening playing with them.

So here are some of my schemes, based on photos you gave.

1) This is my favourite. I like the night lights of the city. It's all about excitement, modern and fun (as mentioned in brief).


2) The second scheme is young and adventurous, as for me:



3) This one is more serious and solidity, but I like it too.


4) Like this photo: plenty variations of color schemes is possible to make using it. I even chose four colors instead of three.


5) And the last one is not bright, but simple.


So, what do you think? Any advices?

Besides, there are a lot of boards on Pinterest with color palettes based on photos, I often use them for inspiration.


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