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This photograph is of a good friend of mine Gav, from Auckland, New Zealand. Gav is one part of the Kiwi band "Jupiter Project" - currently charting on New Zealand top 10.

Last year (2012) I was in New York City for 5 days while travelling around the country with a band from New Zealand. I had a day off and decided to go for a walk around Manhattan Island and see the sites. As I was walking past the corner of W 20th St. and 6th Ave i heard someone call "I'll give you a dollar for that 180" referring to the camera i was carrying. I was surprised that anyone would know the model of my camera from a quick glance in the middle of New York City so I stopped to have a chat. We talked for about 30 minutes, about his life and growing up in such a huge city. He told me to go to Coney Island at dawn, he said I'd never forget it - I never got there. We both took a photo of each other, shook hands and walked in opposite directions. I can't remember his name.

Shooting Dice with Jupiter Project - Los Angeles, 2012

"London Harry" - Sydney, Australia. This was the first photograph I took after my mother passed away early 2011.

I took this picture of one of my best friend's Dax as he baptised this young boy on NSW's Central Coast (Australia). Dax is 6'3, has a shaved head and is covered in tattoo's. He's the last person you think would be a Pastor if you saw him on the street, but his devotion to his belief is the stronger than we'll ever know. He's been a good friend of mine, (and my spiritual advisor I guess you could say) for over 10 years now. When I asked him if I could photograph a baptism he was having the following weekend he happily said yes.

I made this photograph in one of the most notorious gang neighbourhood's in South Central Los Angeles late last year (2012). The young male in the picture is a member of the Rollin' 60's Crip Gang, one of the largest Crip sets in LA. At 23 years old he stands at 6ft 4 inches and weighs in at 300lbs, covered head to toe with gang tattoos and dressed in all blue (the gang's colour) down to his shoe laces. This picture, I feel, shows 2 sides to this young mans life; One being the fully loaded assault rifle in his hand that represents the gang life a lot of young black men have to face in South Central LA. And two, the microphone standing beside his bed that represents his dream and a way of getting out of the lifestyle he has grown up in.


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