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Diana Olave




My Coffee and coconut scrub recipe storyboard and shot list

Hello creative community! I am a blogger for I focus on Organic beauty, nutrition and wellness and I have plenty of recipes to share on my blog. So, I took this course to improve the photos that will go with my recipes. To begin, I decided to share my organic coconut scrub recipe and here is the storyboard: 

I want a rustic, beach vibe look. I will use turquoise colours, wooden background and white soft fabrics. I will also use some decoration props to add detail.

I want to start with extreme close-ups of the main ingredients and share their beauty benefits.

Then I will take two preparation photos with all ingredients in the shot and I want to show action and movement in the shots (to make people feel like they are doing it themselves)

After the two preparation shots, I will do the final product shot. I want it to be elegant and with lots of light. I want to decorate the Jar and give it a feel of 'hand made and rustic'. 

This is the initial idea, I have already got all the materials I need and the main ingredients. I already set up my photo studio at home in my office space next to a window with lots of light! Can't wait to see the results and share it on my blog! 



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