My Clothing Color Choices For My Profile Photo

My Clothing Color Choices For My Profile Photo - student project

Color Analysis of My Clothing in My Profile Image

This is my profile image I use on my Facebook page and Twitter profile as well as in my online course bios.  I made some strategic color choices with this photo and will share the simple tips here.

My Clothing Color Choices For My Profile Photo - image 1 - student project

  • I wore the blue shirt because it's a great color for establishing trust, loyalty, and accountability. It's also the best color to wear to a job interview.
  • The red necklace was to inject some energy/creativity/zest into the frame as well as to contrast against the blue and green background.
  • I chose to take the image outside by some green shrubs because green is a calming color and puts people at ease.

So my goal was to take a photo (taken by my former student Maria Luisa Miller at The American University of Rome) that would project my trustworthy and capable qualities, yet show my energetic/creative/playful side.

Fun fact: I actually had the flu in this image and was not feeling my best. You can tell from my eyes if you look closely enough...)

Hope this helps! Now it's your turn. Please post a photo of your clothing or yourself and I'll give you a free color analysis.



Kristen Palana
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