My Class is live!! Abstract Watercolor: Color, Textures and Composition for Begi

My Class is live!! Abstract Watercolor: Color, Textures and Composition for Begi - student project

UPDATE: I published my class!!

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I plan on doing a tutorial on how to create a textured abstract watercolor painting. I'm struggling on which title is the most interesting so I would love to know your opinions.



Title: Abstract Watercolor: Color, Textures and Composition for Beginners 

Here is my project document.

You can find all the milestones in there. I just finished class planning! I'm wondering if I have to many steps. I feel like I want to talk about everything but let me know.


Class description: 

In this course, you will learn how to create a textured abstract watercolor, from the research stages to the end result. We will explore color selection, practice different ways to create texture and talk a little bit about composition. In the end, you will be able to use these new skills to create your own abstract watercolor painting!

This style of painting is interesting, because you can use colors, values, textures and brush strokes to represent feelings and subjects in an abstract painting. It forces us to let go of the control and accept the unpredictability of watercolor. Each viewer sees something different in an abstract painting. Providing this kind of experience with a painting is super rewarding!

This class is for anybody who wants to learn more about watercolor. Whether you are a beginner and you want to learn some techniques or you are intermediate to advanced and you want to discover a new style, this class is for you! It is for all skill levels. You just need to have the basic watercolor material such as: watercolor paint, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, salt, plastic wrap or any other clear plastic bag, nail polish remover.


Project description:

The class project will be the creation of an abstract painting, using the techniques we saw in class. You will work on your project by following each step highlighted in this class. You will choose your color palette and include the texture(s) of your choice in your final project. Don’t hesitate to share your project, from the beginning stages to the end result!


Looking forward to any feedback!



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