My Class Project Turned Into Something More


I started this project not entirely knowing what direction to turn and overwhelmed by what I was going to do. As I went thru photos I kept getting drawn to this photo, Inner Soul, and as I went thru and chose the colors I felt a sense of calm. When it came to finding out what the names of the colors I was drawn to the first one turned out to be Valhalla, very fitting as I am very proud of being Norwegian-American as well as vikings being my family roots. When I got to the second name I literally broke down and cried. Logan is my oldest son's name that I lost and as time went on it felt fitting that the beautiful pink was my daughter Savannah and then the calm yellow was my baby boy Ethan. I began this project just doing my assignment and learning new techniques but in the end I discovered the blog colors and rebranding I have been struggling what to choose to symbolize my life restarting, how to live without my children, coming back from being homeless, and just overall rebuilding me while I wait til the day I see my children again. I always knew I wanted it to be something that if they came across they would know how much they are loved, thought of, and always always missed but part of our daily lives. This color scheme, thanks to Helen Bradley, took what was in my heart and put it into the world. Thank you so much as I really do not know how to thank you properly but I am so grateful I can now begin my journey rebuilding and healing. Thank you


Rustic Desert, was created as a secondary palette for my assignment. I enjoyed pulling different colors and tried my very best to choose colors based on the photo as well as based on names that fit the photo as well. None of these names I named but are the actual color names. 


Honestly this palette was very difficult as the colors did not fit...the color names were causing problems and had nothing to do with the photo..I am not as pleased with these palettes as my first two but it is also 2:51am so that may have more to do with it ;) 


I made this 4th palette based on that I know how to make these I just cannot stop lol. I have always loved palettes, even back when I was a child and would ransack Home Depot, Carpet Supply, etc...I just loved how they all played together and the vivid colors. It always made me feel kinda melancholy that no matter what I tried I picked too many colors or they just did not "flow". Now that I know what I was doing wrong and I was way over thinking the process I cannot wait to keep creating and creating more palettes. I don't think I will ever be able to stop now lol. I also learned tons of techniques that sped up the process like crazy. I was a self taught learner after forgetting most of what I learned and was skilled at, when I left my abusive ex but not before he injured my brain. So I have been struggling with PS and was just so depressed that I was unable to do what I used to. But thanks to this video, as well as others, I felt the "click" in my brain again and it was like it was years ago. Again I cannot thank you enough and plan on doing everyone of your classes. Thank you so much


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