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My Class Marketing for "Business Problem Solving in 8 Steps using an A3 (Visual, Insightful, Creative)"

I hit 25 Students today! I just posted my class on 1 January, so I'm pretty excited! Here is the link to my class:

This is what I did:

1)Use the links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and posted the standard announcement from Skillshare along with the link to try the class for free.

2)Opened my class to "free" from 2 January to 5 January.

3) Sent an invite email with the free link to my closest friends and family. This is the main body of the email, although I had a half dozen emails that I added  "personal to them messages" that I knew would be appropriate.

   "Hello folks! I’m excited to announce that I’ve just released my first class on Skillshare, “Business Problem Solving Using an A3 (Visual, Insightful, Creative). It was my New Years Resolution to try something new in 2016 and this is try teaching an on-line class!Now I know that this topic isn't likely to be exciting to you all, but it would help me get some visibility on the site if you would just enroll in the class here - enrollment will take one minute, is totally free, and will help my class gain some traction.  Just leaving a comment after you enroll would help "float my class" up to where students on Skillshare would see it! My goal is to reach 25 people and 5 reviews by next Saturday. If you don’t have time to watch any videos, I totally understand, but I hope you’ll take a quick moment to enroll and leave a feedback note as soon as you get the chance. Thanks so much for your support!Happy 2016!!!!Huggs and love,Elaine"


4) I personnally called 5 people in my profession who are specialists in the area that I published and asked them to enroll and review my content.

So, that was it. In truth, the majority of people in my class of 25 are not known to my personal and professional people that I've called and emailed will hopefully add to my class numbers over the next couple of weeks when they get back to work. And as I work through this marketing class, I intend to keep working. I do think that I should market to my network on LinkedIn, so will see what this class content has to say about it! I LOVE SKILLSHARE...this is really a cool platform!!!

UPDATE: I now have 32 students...I did go ahead and post my free link to my LinkedIn group. I've gotten some nice emais back, to include someone who wants me to contact them about a job! (Too funny!). One of my contacts tweeted about my class! But I'm thinking that I may be in a I'm going to try doing one of those quick videos. I've also gotten USB mike with a pop filter, so I'm curious as to whether that will make a difference. More to come...

UPDATE-26 Jan- I now have 49 students...but nobody is doing any projects!! So I re-listened to video 5 on merchandizing to Skillshare students. I relooked at my tagging and found that I had indeed missed a very popular tag that would fit with my class, and exchanged that for one of my tags that was a duplicate of another of my tags! (I hadn't realized!). I also updated my bio. I relooked at everything else that was recommended on the video (picture, description of class, title of class etc.) and still found them all to be appropriate.

UPDATE-27 Jan- Today I made another video and added it to my class that is a "Start Your Project" video and talks the studend through the 1st step of the A3. This step is identifying your business problem. I've also added a worksheet to go with it, on the Project tab, so that the student can actually write their business problem down as I am taking them through the slides. I sent out a blast email to my 49 students based on Megan's recommendation from yesterdays teach challenge.

UPDATE - 3 March - Since my last update, I have hosted 2 AMA's and am on Day 6 of hosting a 14 day Workshop. My class size has grown to 60, although I have only had one new project. I think that it is likely that doing projects for "Business Problem Solving" is probably going to be considered "hard" by a lot of students on Skillshare. But, I'm going to keep plugging away at it. I'm running 3 contests during my workshop to try to get people to post something (!). I am also taking the March Teach Challenge, as a way to help me get going on my 2nd class. It actually has helped!!!


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