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My Childhood Visuals

Now THIS was an interesting exercise as I was telling someone literally yesterday that I wasn't one of those kids that was drawing all of the time. I think that I may have reversed a few of the steps in my own progress but that's probably because I didn't make art for many years.


1. D'Aulaire's Norse Gods & Giants - I think I had this book checked out of the library for 2 years straight, couldn't get enough of it.

2. These are the graphics on the box of a Holly Hobbie drawing desk that I had really young. It's funny because I said that I wasn't one of those kids that drew but now I remember spending hours and hours every day tracing scenes from the sheets provided and coloring them. Not sure how I did it because when I turn the thing on now, trying to work from that one tiny lightbulb makes me squint so much!

3. I still have 3 volumes from this set but I think we had them all when I was wee.

4. Spider-Man was the only television show that I was interested in. My Saturdays were spent reenacting that morning's episode and I loved those psychedelic skies.

5. My favourite book when I was a kid.

6 and 7 go together because my mum ran a record store when I was young and I spent hours wandering up and down the aisles looking at album covers while she was at work. I remember that the Stones album just fascinated me but the Star Wars album was the first one that I ever purchased with my own money!

8. This was a fancy book that I got for Christmas when I was maybe 5. It's falling apart now because of how much I loved it then. 

9. Couldn't get enough of looking through atlases and spinning globes.

I'm noticing a lot of detailed ink and colour in those pictures. The artwork in the mythology book is not far off how I treat colored pencils now.

Thank you so much for putting up the class, this was really cool! ;D


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