My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - student project

I mainly cook with intuition and i took this class as part of a workshop, with hope i can learn some new tricks. And I did  :V Thanks Julie

I took your recipe for chicken teriyaki and tried put some spin on it whenever i could :v

I got my rice cooking first. I didnt feel like it needs to be part of my mise en place. Then I prepared everything I need, which I dont usually do, so thats something I need to work on.

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - image 1 - student project

I started with teriyaki sauce first as my rice was still cooking. I have minced garlic and ginger by hand, tried my best to make them as fine as possible. At the end the sauce was little bit too sweet, but I'm still happy (nothing i cant fix next time ;)

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - image 2 - student project













After my rice cooked I have put thights on pan. Added to much oil but they still brown nicely :) I took them of and let them rest (I like the foil idea but i didnt had any), poured sauce in and went washing all the unnecessary bowls utencils and cutting board (very important step, to clean as you wait :V)

After adding thights back and thickening lil bit to much, it looked mouthwatering :d

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - image 3 - student project













I combined everything in the bowl as I steamed broccoli.

Also started making your vainegrette that I didnt wanted to include at first but i had all the ingridients so why not.

It was a little bit thick so I went rogue and added some Ouzo that im using instead of star anise sometimes :v It was great.

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - image 4 - student project








Overall the whole bowl tunout pretty good. It was lacking some acidicy (teriyaki was to sweet) so i also got lime wedge to go with that.

My Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - image 5 - student project

Tomorrow I will give it another try with some improvements :V

Thanks for the class :)