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My Character Study

 If I was to see my character Natalie on the street, how would she look? What would her background be like?

Natalie Breht : Long, black-brown curly hair, blue eyes, 5'6, athletic, skinny. Dark clothes, converse.

She likes to read, loves school, clean, organized,  but doesn't make 'plans'.

Bites her nails when nervous, feels protective of Skylar (BFF), has a crush on Cameron (Witch hunter)

plays cello, loves to sketch. Very independent.

Moved to Texas when she was 5 from new York.

Very self-critical, kinda gets walked on, she learns to stand up for herself.  

Natalie will change into a witch on her 18th birthday. She will take it very scared, but learns to embrace it.

Cameron Leis: Shaggy, dark brown hair, grey eyes, 5'9, very athletic, fit, plain clothes.

He loves to play football, has a few friends, clean, no plans.

Runs his fingers through his hair when nervous.

Plays cello as well, doodle. Needs to lean on someone.

Lived in texas, moved from Dallas to Houston a year ago.

Protective of Natalie and Skylar.

Skylar Shey: Very long, dirty blonde hair, Brown eyes, athletic, pink everything.

Loves music and social media, introvert, plays violin.

Nat's and Sky's parents have known eachother since high school, so they moved with Nat.

Loves to decorate everything, has a very broad mind, but doesn't always take criticism well.



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