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My Cat, my inspiration

Hi, Liz, again.

I have a cat who's name is Kitty, very creative, i know, i've been wanting to do his face in a really simple way, so it occur to me that i could try that for this project.

Tools i used: Elipse shape, triangle shape, eyedropper, bucket, swatches, direct selection tool, Convert point tool, line tool, layer style button, etc.


I started by making a sketch, it originally is full body, but i'll make it an upload it some other time maybe, because like i said before, i just wanted the face.


This is what i did for now. Hope you like it.

Thank you <3


Hello, again.

While working on some other stuff in my computer, i alucinated a glowing efect behind a circle, so it occur to me that i could apply it to this project, so i decided to change the background and add the effect.


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