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My Calligraphy Project

These are the first part of the video lessons. I used a tracing paper, underneath is a worksheet guide I got from a calligraphy workshop. It's really helpful. My first nib was a Hunt 99 but it was too flexible for me I had a hard time practicing. Then I got the Nikko G, I think I prefer it for now. I heard its great for beginners like me. I really love how basic this class is and that I can practice at my own pace. 

I need to practice more on my lowercase. Again I used a tracing paper and Nikko G nib. 

This was my first attempt to flourish, not equally successful as my letters are not yet consistent especially with p and n. 

Uppercase and Lowercase Practice using a Nikko G nib and Straight Pen Holder. 

Trying out my new Hunt 56 nib and a Speedball Oblique Holder. Now I understand why everyone's using the oblique holder, its easier especially when writing in script. Its also helpful if you love doing copperplate style font. And please continue to pray for the victims of Typhoon 'Haiyan' in the Philippines. 

It's been a while since I last updated my project I got caught up with the holidays and I lost my rhythm in writing, it took me a while to get my rhythm back and slowly I think I have developed my own style. Hopefully I won't lose it again. I also discovered and found a new favorite nib, the Brause 66 EF. I love the thick and thin it gives me, but its too delicate not for the heavy hand like me, but eventually I get to control it. Just takes a lot of practice. 

Here I used a Brause 66 EF, and I tried to flourish as well. I have a lot to learn though. 

A quote from Nelson Mandela. 

When I was trying to get my rhythm back, it was a hard phase. I don't know if I wrote well, I was not satisfied. I used a Nikko G nib here, its very reliable felt like I'm starting all over again. 

My recent work, I used a Tachikawa G nib here. You can also check my Instagram account gailgloria_, I usually update it with my recent works and progress. :)

 Feeling crafty today, I love my new tool that can make paper doilies. Happy Heart's Day! ❤️


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