My Calligraphy Beginnings

My Calligraphy Beginnings - student project

I have been making invitations for more than 10 years, for last 3 years I dove in watercolors and now it's time to learn calligraphy. I feel more complete and closer to myself with every new skill that I learn.

Thank you Paperfinger Calligraphy. I feel at home with your teaching style.

This is my first exercise. Took me 2 days because 1 line of each drill is not enough for me. I did feel more confident when it came to writing my phrase. 

I haven't invested in anything else but a Niko G nib. I'm using one of my old pen holders, some drawing ink from Kohi Noor and I'm writing in an older planner I had around. But I am determined to get better and add calligraphy to my invitations. Then I can justify buying more supplies, making my own inks and so on. I'm REALLY EXITED !!!! :)

My Calligraphy Beginnings - image 1 - student project

Meda Halmaciu
Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture