My Buffalo Shirt

My Buffalo Shirt - student project

My name is Adam Kern owner of a Buffalo themed t-shirt company called My Buffalo Shirt ( Growing up I've always had a creative side to me, loved to draw and build things (especially out of duct tape and cardboard). I loved art classes and technology classes. As time came to chose colleges, I decided to go the technology route and persue mechanical engineering at the university at Buffalo. However, while I was at engineering school I still wanted an avenue to express my art so I started a t-shirt shop from the ground up. I now have multiple presses and fully stocked shop. I do all inhouse printing and designing. I currently work an engineering job during the day and at night focus on my shirt company. Its been a busy life but I love every minute of it and do not regret one bit starting my t-shirt company 5 years ago

I'm hoping to get out of this class some new learning oppurtunities, techniques and some great feedback to grow.  I've always looked up to the great folks over at JC and to be in a class by chris is an honor. Below is some of my most recent designs for my line:

My Buffalo Shirt - image 1 - student project

 Brainstorming / Research 


I am not sure yet on the particular direction of the design but here are my brainstorming ideas

-Buffalo theme shirt, edgy/ grunge look, retro, nostalgic, inspirational? promote city shirt?

Buffalo is known for:

  • Snow - We sometime get this ha. Its called Lake Effect snow (lake erie causes more snow)
  • Wings - the chicken wing orginated in Buffalo @ the Anchor Bar
  • Sports - Big sports town, devoted fans (Bills, Sabres, Bandits, Bisons)
  • People -city of good neighbors (refers to the helpful, friendly spirit of its inhabitants)


I decided I want to focus on the theme of Buffalo, NY city of good neighbors. I am aiming this to have a nostaglic / retro tin sign kinda of look with a focus on typography and some small illustration. my thought is to use 2-3 colors on a dark shirt so I can print with discharge ink. possibly have a low contrast to give the design a retro feel. my inspiration is below:

My Buffalo Shirt - image 2 - student projectMy Buffalo Shirt - image 3 - student projectMy Buffalo Shirt - image 4 - student projectMy Buffalo Shirt - image 5 - student project

Sketchs / first layout concepts

My Buffalo Shirt - image 6 - student project


Sketches completed.  narrowing down ideas of layout. I like the ironic idea of having an illustration of two people fighting on the play on word of the theme of "city of good neighbors".

1st draft of Digital Art Work:

comming soon...