My Brows Through The Years

My Brows Through The Years - student project

I am a big fan and advocate of natural looking brows, getting them looking polished but undone at the same time.

I stumbled across some old pics of me, before makeup school, attempting to do my eyebrows and I think it's the perfect example of how brows make or break a makeup look. 

In the first picture you can actually see the outline of the shape I was trying to make with makeup...

The second one is after few years and going strong with the trend of fuller brows, but now the eyebrows are overpowering the face. Oh, boy!

In the third picture my brows are visible but discreet, balancing the lip color and overall framing the face. This selfie was taken yesterday.

My Brows Through The Years - image 1 - student project

Here's my eyebrow with the grid layout, you can see my arch is (intentionally) a little more towards the ears so I can get a more flat brow to balance the width of my face.

My Brows Through The Years - image 2 - student project

Now, it does help I went to makeup school but here's the thing: this is what I'm teaching!

So what do you think? What eyebrow style suits me better? I'm curious what you like :)

Mira Metzler
Mixed Media Artist