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My Brother, My Killer

"A budding friendship between two teenage boys comes to a crashing halt in a sudden act of violence fueled by jealousy and guilt."

Current Draft: Version 2

 Version 1

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

For my project, I have chosen the poems "Yee Bow" and "Rev Lemuel Wiley"  from the Spoon River Anthology. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the subject matter (race relations, religious zealotry, clashing ideologies, etc) in Yee Bow, which create an opportunity to explore a Cain-and-Abel-esque story . In particular, I'm interested in how people are driven to immoral, and in this case violent, actions.

The plan is to have a loose, modern-day adaptation of the source materials.

Yee Bow

THEY got me into the Sunday-school

In Spoon River And tried to get me to drop Confucius for Jesus. I could have been no worse off

If I had tried to get them to drop Jesus for Confucius.

For, without any warning, as if it were a prank,

And sneaking up behind me, Harry Wiley, The minister's son,

caved my ribs into my lungs,

With a blow of his fist.

Now I shall never sleep with my ancestors in Pekin,

And no children shall worship at my grave.

Rev Lemuel Wiley

I PREACHED four thousand sermons, 

I conducted forty revivals, 

And baptized many converts. 

Yet no deed of mine 

Shines brighter in the memory of the world,

And none is treasured more by me:

Look how I saved the Blisses from divorce, 

And kept the children free from that disgrace, 

To grow up into moral men and women, 

Happy themselves, a credit to the village.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Current Draft: Version 2

The main feedback I need is on the pacing and timing. I'm jumping around a lot in the timeline, and had trouble coming up with a way to clearly hint or designate where we were at in the story. Ultimately I don't think it's going to matter too much when viewed on screen. I wanted the main act of violence to permeate and bleed through everything.

I also really need to flesh out Corey and Harry's relationship. The main point I'm getting at with them is that these are two similar boys, who could for all intents and purposes be friends. But because of their environment and immaturity, it leads them to a place of violence.

Step 3: Writing Your Logline

A budding friendship between two teenage boys comes to a crashing halt in a sudden act of violence.


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