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Russell Hay

Photographer, Coder, Trapeze Artist



My Brand: Those Darned Monkeys

My trapeze duo act is called Those Darned Monkeys.  We are two sock monkeys who hang around on things and goof-off.

Here is my first attempt at a shirt design for us.

Next Revision:

I didn't like the outlines on the monkey, so I decided to go flat.  Also, when I drew this in illustrator, I didn't do it correctly, so I lost all the outlines when I did the pathfinder->merge, but that led to this next version, which I like much better.  Also, I learned alot about how to actually draw the graphics for better color seperation when working on fixing the mess that I made.

Next Revision:

The black text was bothering me because it felt out of place with no outlines on the monkey, so I changed it to white:


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