My Brand Board

My Brand Board - student project

Hello there Nadia,

Thank you so much for the informative class!

My name is Nansu and I’m a self-taught illustrator.

I also design T-shirt prints and recently started making patterns for decor (The T-shirt with the flowers is my design).

You can find my logo in the bottom right corner of my board.

I think that I’m a winter archetype since you mentioned they can include clear neons. Please let me know if I’m wrong :)

Background patterns are not usually my thing so I use plain white or black instead.

There was no way that I could stick to just five colours so I chose nine (I love colours).

It was really hard to decide which font to use.

I really liked a lot of the quirkier fonts but my drawings are so busy that I thought it would be too much to pair them together. 

After much scrolling I chose:

My Brand Board - image 1 - student project

Please let me know what you think!! :)

That is my cat Dolly in the photo.

My Brand Board - image 2 - student project

Kind regards,


Nansu Laine
Self-taught illustrator