My Booze Collection

[Updated Dec 4, 2013]

I'm mainly looking to just learn to code and don't have any other objective so my idea is similar to existing apps and isn't too original. I'd like to create an app that users can identify things they've tried, things they like, or things they want to try.

For starters, I'm starting off with a very narrow category (booze) so that its easier to populate the database. The app would be prepopulated with content from a database (Including images and item descriptions). The user would see a grid layout of images that they would select. once selected, a popup would come up with greater detail. From here the user can close, or like an item. There is also a profile page that summarizes everything they have chosen.

Extra things I would like to add on would be facebook login functionality, social sharing, and possibly camera integration.

My Booze Collection - image 1 - student project