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My Blog

Part 1: Why are you starting your blog? Why are you passionate about it?

I have a blog from last year that I started with the best intentions. I was going to write every other day and sell my writing as a brand. I was going to make the world see my work and read it and comment on it. I would beome a better writer. I would show off my fiction and non-fiction skills. I would like to get back into it and build a plan and keep it going this time. I need to build a fanbase so that I can have a successful writing career in the future.

Part 2: Five things about your blog? What do you not want your blog to be? What is a specific goal you want to achieve?

I want my blog to be fun, but not childish. I want it to be fun, but not silly. I want it to be colorful, but not clownish. I want it to be broad, but not boring or too broad. I want it to be interesting, but not overshadow my real work. 
I want to achieve at least 1000 fans and followers so that when I publish my first book, I'll at least be guarenteed about 100 sales.

Part 3: Template

Fragments of the Afternoon is a collection of short fiction, creativity, doodles, and thoughts blogs focused on prociding content about my writing to YA fans, readers of all types, and adult readers so that I will have fans before my book comes out and I can make some sales and then hopefully live off of the sales and be able to quit my soul sucking job.

Part 4: Topics

Grammar, other YA Books, tips on writing your own book, writing prompts, story ideas, short stories, chapters, inspiring information, industry news, writer's block, growing a portfolio, and publishing news.

Part 5: 


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