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My Blessed Journey

Hi. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to hand lettering; though I have always enjoyed making signs for various things (jobs, sales, and anything that needed a hand written sign of some sort.) I also have always liked to see the different ways I draw letters.

I know my work isn't that good, and I am somewhat hesitant to share it, but I feel it's part of the process and it's always nice to see the knitty gritty part of learning, before everything looks polished and professional. With that being said this has been my process for this class:

When I do yoga in the mornings I'll pick a word or two as my intention to set for the day. I use those words for lettering practice. It's such a great way to really set those words into motion (physically and mentally) :) The pens I have been using are just some Sakura pens we have laying around the house. There's a brush pen I've been playing with (more on that one in a bit), a Graphic 1, and a Micron. 

I'm having trouble getting a good flow with the brush pen. As I draw letters I use the "up thin, down thick" mantra, but for some reason I just can't get the right flow down. Maybe it's because I'm left handed? Speaking of left handed, when I go in to ink my drawings I have to do it from right to left or my hand will smudge the whole thing as Im writing; so some of my lettering came out a little stiff and jagged. Also the pens I'm using (mostly the Graphic 1) are kinda old and I felt like I was using the wrong for a lot of my lettering practice. But hey, having a slightly awkward pen is better than no pen at all.

Here are some of the word practice pages. The first cursive word is always done with the brush pen.







I know if I keep at it I'll get better. Also looking at other designs for inspiration help me learn new ways of lettering and techniques. I like to look at The Daily Type and The Good Type on Instagram for quick, hand-held lettering inspiration.

For the font alphabet tracing project I went into Illustrator and found various fonts which I thought looked fun and I could learn from them. I used the light trace method for this. And this is really where I needed the right pen, some of these are pretty rough. My husband thought I was making a broken typewritter font on purpose. haha!


I felt like this was a really useful exercise. Its helps me develop that muscle memory that I need. 

For my final project I picked some words that I used as my intention for the day while taking a morning walk with my son the other day. It was such a beautiful day out and I was really enjoying the present moment. I looked up at the sky and I just felt really content and blessed for everyone and everything in my life, and what a crazy little journey my life has been so far, but I am grateful for it. 

So I started making some sketches for Blessed Journey. Thought aboout throwing a little "my" in there, but at the end I felt like the two words were powerful enough. 


I feel like I have already gained some skills and knowledge since taking that class. I also was trying to just go with the flow when it came to the straightness and neatness of lines. I'm a stickler for "perfection", so just going with it and being nicer to myself even though some of the lines are wonky is good practice for me.

For my final version I used the light race method and tired to clean it up. That worked good for the cursive but not so good for the blockier lettering. So I ended up just free handing "Journey" and tweaking it until I thought it looked right. (A better eraser could of helped here too).


The fun thing about lettering is how you can draw a letter or word so many ways just by making a little extra curve here or a thinner line there. It's really fun for me! 

After I sketched out the final words I inked them in with the busted Sakura pens I have which were all running out of ink. But hey I did it, and I felt like this was a great learning opportunity and I it inspires and motivates me to do more! :) 


Thanks for reading about my little project! Take Care. 



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