My Blackbird Family

I've had a young male blackbird choosing my balcony as his command center in 2012. We started getting friends in 2014 when they built a nest in one of my flowerpots. From then on I put out food regularly to gain his trust. He won't eat from my hand, but I can come as close as 30, 40 cm now without him leaving. Here are some pics I took of him on my balcony and his kids in the yard this year.



Mr. Blackbird collecting some dried mealworms for his kids.


Mrs. Blackbird at the water bowl.


Both he and the Mrs. really love kaki fruits. They even faught over it.


Their baby. The only one that stayed alive this year. Apart from the ones she's still hatching.


Last week I managed to get some pics of the baby in the evening. It was getting tired already and yawning. :-)


A last baby shot. It was looking at me sternly, probably trying to figure out if I was dangerous and it should go into hiding, or if it was safe to stay. It decided on the latter option. :-)


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