My Birthing Weekend


Admitted Friday night, very little information given. Put on a maternity ward after initial assessment, partner collects things from home and is allowed to pop back in with them.

Constantly hear other women in early stages of labour, screaming and moaning. Staff seem to be absent.

The ward is hot, it is June.

Baby not due yet, Dr wants me to have an ultrasound scan the next morning to check amniotic fluid levels.

Change into pyjamas, try and sleep. It is hard with all of the noise from the other women.

Not much nurse/midwife activity.

I am here as my waters may have started to break. I am not in pan.

I cannot recall much about how the ward looked or smelt only the sounds it made. (It was 19 years ago).

Bed is not comfortable, midwife comes in to do my observations. My blood pressure is a little high.

I am scared. This is all new to me and birthing classes do not prepare you for this.

Early morning scan, takes a really long time to perform. Still no pain.

Radiographer cannot decide if my waters have started to break. My amniotic fluid is slightly less than it should be.

Dr decides to keep me in and start me on medication to induce labour.

Now I am panicking.

They will insert up to 4 pessaries. How will I feel? Will my labour start? Pain?

It is Saturday night before I am moved to a birthing room and given my first pessary. The mild pain comes, the mild pain goes.

It is a long night.

Sunday morning, number 2 is inserted. Pain again then no pain again. I am allowed to eat and drink lightly. Evening comes and number 3 goes in and you know what comes next.

Late Sunday and the junior dr wants to examine my cervix. It is unbearably painful and I scream and cry. The dr worries that i have an infection as I am hot after the examination. I mean really? So I am put on IV antibiotics.

Monday morning. The midwife in charge wants to break my waters and put me on a drip for 3 days. I refuse and ask for a dr.

I did not expect to see the surgeon whom I have seen before about my Endometriosis. 

He looks back at my notes, looks at the midwife and asks her if she has read my notes.

I cannot have a vaginal birth as my pelvis is not aligned correctly. Her face is a picture.

Monday night the surgeon's team take me through the paperwork and prepare me for surgery.

I am out of my mind scared.

My son is finally born at 8pm.

I have been sitting there having unnecessary treatment for 4 whole days.