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My BikeBook Color Palette

First of all I would want to say sorry about my English, I'm not confident in it very much. If I would use weird words and constructions please forgive me.

After reading brief I started writing down the words, that could help me to understand what colors should I choose. I picked up the words below:


I imagined something like a plaid on a grass under the blue sky that somebody may use to seat on it peacefully after riding bike for a long time sightseeing. So a chose the colors below with this picture in my mind in the kuler:



Then I tried to pick some colors from the photos of Brooklyn, but I kept this first palette in my mind


and after that I tried to apply this colors to the templates and look how would it work with it


Also I changed my "vinous" color on a color of leather. Actually I still can't decide what color palette I love more, so my final palette contains two variants.



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