My Biggest Dream

My Biggest Dream - student project

My Biggest Dream - image 1 - student projectMy dream is to illustrate art for products women and children use in everyday life such as cards and giftware, wall art, fabrics for quilts, sheets and duvets, baby apparel, melamine plates, and things like that. I hope the art will remind them of people, stories, and dreams that will inspire them to better love those in their care. As a mom of six (youngest is now 8), I realized I buy art for these reasons, and when my children were little those products encouraged me to hug my littles ones tighter, tell them a story, or turn an ordinary day into a celebration. I just launched my illustration business, Pocket Dreams Co, in December and am figuring out my next steps. My ideas are flying in every direction (which I jot down in a sketchbook), and I hope to find my niche as well as personal style while working on gaining the tech skills of surface patterns in order to create collections.