My Big Goals April - June, 2020 | Updated

My Big Goals April - June, 2020 | Updated - student project

1. Start a print-on-demand business.

2. Have 10 sales on my T-shirt store.

3. Record and post a Skillshare course on Workflow Visualization or Chinese Pinyin Learning.

4. Start a YouTube channel and post 3 honest review videos about online courses.

5. Have a freelance job, English-Hindi-Chinese Translation, Video Editing, or Logo Designing.

6. Learn more about partnership managing (my full-time job) and contribute more to our company.


In order to achieve my 1 & 2 goals, I will:

1. Learn SEO.

2. Learn social media marketing.


Instagram: @just_read_my_shirt


3. Continue to list good designs.


Will update here once goals are completed. 



It's July now! So here's the update:

1. Completed. I did research on every print-on-demand platform and opened stores on my favorite ones.

2. Couldn't reach 10 sales in my T-shirt store due to policy change (shipping fee increased a lot). But I shifted my focus to sell digital planners online, and I created my own digital planner website: . So far I've had over 20 sales already! 

3. Sorry hahaha... Still planning...

4. Opps... I changed my mind on this.

5. Completed! I now have a regular part-time job doing English-Chinese translations! I also joined a video making competition and won the first place, winning around 1700$. 

6. Completed! I've scheduled 10+ partnership meetings with potential partners during the last 3 months, and got to know a lot of amazing cryptocurrency / blockchain projects. 


I'm overall satisfied about the completion situation of my goals. Lessons learned: Your goals CAN be changed or adjusted from time to time - don't feel bad about not completing them in the way that they were set. 


If you are interested in making friends or learning my future goals, feel free to contact me through IG: @artsy_notebook