My Best Work

My Best Work - student project

Brooke this class was so enlightening and packed with such great info on becoming a creative freelancer.  Thanks for not holding back!!! I am super inspired by this class and this workshop that I am feeling next level stuff here.  

Below is a collection of my best work right now.  The message I want to send to the world is that beautiful art is accessible and inspiring.  I want to do my part in making it a bit easier to reach for those who need it.  Putting this collection of work together was a great self discovery.  It forced me to ask myself some important questions and, in turn, answer them.  It's interesting that all the pieces are in a similar color palette.  I didn't even know I liked these colors that much, but there is definitely a message here I need to pay attention to.  I think there is a danger in creating so much that I run right past myself and miss the essence of what the work means. Slowing down and paying more attention will help me going forward.

This time next year or sooner, I'd like to see myself represented by a few art directors who will license my work regularly and grow my Instagram presence.  I'd also love to do some fun projects like book illustration, editorial illustration and who knows what other surprises might come up!  One thing for sure is that I'm going to enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey!!!  : )

Here are my links to my Instagram and my website Octopus Connection for whoever wants to take a look.  Maybe we can become Insta-friends?

My Best Work - image 1 - student project

Chris V
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