My BELOVED Balboa Park

My BELOVED Balboa Park - student project

I live in a neighborhood called North Park. It's located NORTH of my beloved Balboa Park. It was one of the first areas to be developed in San Diego County so you get a whole lot of charm here.  You don't see any cookie cutter homes or chain restaurants in this little area.  Instead it is thriving with funky small businesses, micro-breweries, quaint little shops, fantastic restaurants and cafes.  Needless to say, I LOVE my neighborhood.....oh and it was named number 13 on the list of hippest neighborhoods in the U.S.  Hooray!  Come visit if you're ever in San Diego.  I feel like I'm getting off on a tangent about my neighborhood so let's get back on track to my map project.

I chose to do my map of Balboa Park because I have a lifetime love affair with this place.  I grew up in San Diego and have many fond memories of going there with my family to the many museums and theatres.  My husband and I now live about 5 minutes away from the park.  We walk there and back for exercise as it is so lovely just to be taking in the sights. It holds a very special place in our hearts as we  got engaged in the Rose Garden (it's not on my hand drawn map - RATS!) and also had our engagement photos taken all throughout the park.

My hand drawn version of the map is very much a rough draft.  I didn't really think about it too much. And the scale is completely off!  I tried to incorporate more elements of the park in my drawing, but ran out of room. My ultimate intention is to get pretty good at map drawing and start offering my clients hand drawn maps as part of my services as a graphic designer.

Dear classmates I need your advice on incorporating ALL of my intended elements/landmarks on my map without running out of room!  I could also use some advice on getting the maps close to scale as possible.  My BELOVED Balboa Park - image 1 - student project