Katrin Hummel

Graphic Desiger and Motion Graphics Artist



My Avocado Family

First off thank you for this amazing tutorial.
I remember trying a few times as a kid without success. This time it was a whole other story!

We went to the markets one day and brought home this full bag of avocados. So I used the opportunity and founded my own little avocado family. 

1ST MONTH - 6th july 2016



4 MONTHS LATER - 10th september 2016



As you can see from a total of 8 Family members 4 are going strong. I got another 2 that might get there however one is moldy because the seat was very big and hard to seperate and ended up with a lot of holes.

I noticed on of them started to have 3 stalks coming up. It seems to be the case when the crack was to big?

I will keep you updated on my happy family. 


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