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I really enjoyed this class, I'm only just starting to do a bit more illustration as I really enjoy it so it was good to see the process that an illustrator goes through to create an avatar like this and a lot of these tips can be carried through to most illustration work and even design (which is what I do day to day anyway).

My main takeaways from this class, were:

- keeping all iterations of a project together like this. I've been practicing hand drawn type and have been vectorising it and while I keep most versions, I have never broken it down into smaller chunks like this before. 

- drawing in grey first. It may sound strange but very often, when working in illustrator, I'd start off in black or would introduce the final colours straight away, working in grey makes it look temporary, similar to pencil and means that you see the shapes/design first before seeing it as a final piece if that makes sense. 

- marking out the basic shapes first was really useful, then adding to it piece by piece is something that I could carry through to my design work as well.

So, anyway, here's my process: 


I tried not to make it too "manga" looking but it just happened, especially the eyes and mouth. I struggled with those slightly as I was laughing in the original photo, but I like the big-eyed look. I also added in a small thought bubble and a pencil because I'm always thinking of what to draw next. So this is my final outcome. It just had to be pink I'm afraid because it's unashamedly my favourite colour. 



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