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My Audience

Who's my audience? 

Cross-functional partners who also work on advertising interfaces at my company. This includes designers, project managers, product marketing managers and engineers. These people work alongside me to build products every day. They care about:

  • Quality (making sure things work properly, providing a good user experience)
  • Efficiency (we're all really busy and no one wants to slow down)
  • Metrics (making more money, increasing the number of customers we have)

What's their problem?
They need content for the interfaces they work on. It needs to make sense, it needs to work well with the visual elements of the interface and it needs to evolve relatively quickly. Sometimes they want to cut corners to get things done efficiently, so they need someone to help them figure out the right balance between speed and adoption on one side and user experience and quality on the other side.

Their biggest problem is that they don't have enough people or time to get everything done the way they'd want to have it done.

How can I help?
I can make sure that the language in the interface makes sense and isn't confusing. I can also help them identify wider user experience issues early so that we can course correct before making a major investment in something. When looped in early, I can actually help them save time in the long run.

Good content helps drive adoption metrics, can result in more revenue and increases advertiser satisfaction.

I can also work to create templates for some of our more common content elements and provide them with the tools they need to create content that users will understand and know how to respond to.


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