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My Attic Studio

My home studio is a little bit different from most peoples becasue of the fact that it's in an attic, however I do my best with what I have. A pair of Alesis Elevate 6 moinotrs, Macbook 13", Behringer Xenyx Q802usb soundboard, M-Audio 49e usb keyboard,  Casio CTK-573 Keyboard, Akai MPK Mini, Maschine Mikro, Audio Technica AT2035, + an essorment of other random instruments that I use from time to time. 

Before this class I had my monitors positioned on my desk in no particlar way other than how I thought they best sounded. Since then I have bought stands for my speakers and positioned them in the proper triangle formation.  I also bought some acoustic tiles which I lined both my vocal booth with and a wall which had first reflection from one of my monitors.

This track is one I had laying around from a few months ago but before this I didnt have the skills to properly mix it now it sounds awesome! It was produced by me and I also took the photo. 

Margeaux's Bathroom (prod. Tre)

This class was awesome and it was great to learn from one of the best, Peace n Blessings to Guru and all yall.






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