My Art With Magic Creative Business

My Art With Magic Creative Business - student project


Hello, I’m Wera!

I am in the path of creating my iwn creative business! Aside from that I make a living as an online marketer and a part-time yoga teacher.

I started off with traditional media, like gouache and watercolor, and last year I learned how to use Procreate on the iPad, which I’m genuinely loving right now.

My dream is to focus on commercial design, apparel and textiles. I’d love that art becomes part of people’s lives, not only as wall art, because some people aren’t just into it, but rather in everyday objects. And then there’s the editorial... Oooh how I wish to get a commission to illustrate for yoga and mindfulness related magazines! Lastly, it would be amazing if I could illustrate a book one day, or selfpublish a graphic novel.

For the first one, I learned how to make repeat patterns, here a sample:

My Art With Magic Creative Business - image 1 - student project


I went ahead and started my society6 and redbubble shops this year. Right now I “invest” the money to buy my own products and check their quality hehe. As a yoga teacher, I was tremendously excited to find out that society6 offers yogamats! I put some of my designs on them, and I bought one myself. Here you can see a snap from my society6 shop:

My Art With Magic Creative Business - image 2 - student project


IT took me a while to figure out my brand identity but recently it’s even more clear to me where I’m heading. I devite my time now to make things more COHESIVE, so I started off with specifying my core color palette! I think it’s a tood idea to stay consistent instead of being all over everything.

My Art With Magic Creative Business - image 3 - student project


Fingers crossed! My biggest task right now: building my website, deciding on a logo, putting a portfolio together.

Well, I basically need to meditate on it :)


If you'd like to check out more HERE is the link to my IG account where I post on a regular basis.


My Art With Magic Creative Business - image 4 - student project