My Art Game

My Art Game - student project

COLOR - It's all about the color

My Art Game - image 1 - student projectI love the myriad colors in this image, they speak to me in a way. I feel warmth every time I look at this image. It’s amazing how so many colors can be present at once and yet still be individually distinguishable from the rest.

The black canvas behind the colors makes them pop out and the shapes and lines that form makes this my number one - in the elements of design part.


BALANC(E) ing it all out ...

My Art Game - image 2 - student project

The interesting thing about this is how the rope was made in the shape of two hearts and how these unite to resemble something much more! Each side can exist on its own but it is how they connect together that makes this my favourite - as far as balance (principles of design part) is concerned.

The background ties in together with the rope and the shading makes it easier for my eyes to see the message. I just love the space all around, it is perfectly balanced.


ˈɛmfəsɪs'    < ! >    EMPHASIS

My Art Game - image 3 - student project

This is a good example of emphasis because my focal is first directed to the person in blue. Not only that, but my eyes move towards what this person is focusing on.

The red butterfly is on a lighter background and its color pops up, plus you can also see a bit of red color on the hoodie.

Although I get a bit chilly when I look at this image, the bit of color introduces a subtle warmth, almost similar to a small fire out in the open woods.

This is really great, and it is my favourite pick - as far as emphasis (principles of design part) is concerned.