My Art Corner

My Art Corner - student project

Thank you Amarilys.  This class was such perfect timing.  

Over the past couple of months, I have organized, and re-organized my art space in order to make it more likely that I will sit down and actually make art.  This past weekend I had purchased some shelves to hang in order to free up some desk space.  I thought I was finished, but after watching this class today I did a little more re-arranging in order to get it "just right."

The quiz was fun and fairly accurate.  I am a combo crafter/nature wanderer.  I have trouble picking which arts and crafts to do because I enjoy them all.  And the space just doesn't feel right unless I have brought some of the outdoors in.


My Art Corner - image 1 - student project


My Art Corner - image 2 - student project


My Art Corner - image 3 - student project