My Animated Title Card

My Animated Title Card - student project

Here's my take!

Continuing from the first class in Phil's Dive Into After Effects series, I used the title card I created for my personal brand. Here's how things unfolded:

  1. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the content to appear in a way related to its column orientation, so I decided to have my logo fall in from the top. I went a bit outside the course as I knew I wanted a bounce effect, so I used the Inertia Bounce expression (

  2. The bouncing point of the logo gave way to the Swing Effect for the two lines of text, as if the motion made them drop down. I had a heck of a time getting the swing effect to look natural, and I'm still not 100% crazy about the last swing or two for each. I feel like they stop swinging too abruptly. But they work, so...!

  3. I initially intended to use the bounce expression again for the final 'stamp' logo but it seemed funny for something arriving from below, so I used the Bounce Back expression instead (same link as above) for something a little more rigid/less bouncy.

  4. The photo of the clouds I found on Flickr is too great to leave it motionless, so I animated its position to give the effect of flying through the clouds. I also added the rotation to the final 'stamp' logo so that my title card's central content wouldn't be completely static once all the elements had arrived.

  5. The lines running across the top of the screen were animated one by one, also using the Inertia Bounce expression. I animated these before I got to the video about adding a Repeater, so now I'm wondering if I could have achieved the same effects with much less work...?

  6. I animated the exit of all the elements with the fundamentals learned in this series. I did, however, add a step to the animations of the elements using the Bounce expressions. Before beginning their exits, I added a really short "wind up/get ready to exit" frame so that they slightly bounce inward before heading outward.

Now I just need to look up some videos on adding sound effects, as this feels like the only thing missing!

Eager to hear anyone's feedback!
- Alex

Alex Taylor
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