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My Andie

I love pencil drawing but have always been intimidated by drawing people - especially faces. I was excited to give this a try! I have already learned so much through this class.

I chose a photo that I took of my daughter for reference.

My practice sketch. Even with measuring, placing the features was challenging. But since this was practice, I erased like mad and tried to focus more at this point on getting everything in the right spot than the detailed shading.

My final drawing - still plan to add a few more details in the clothing. Capturing her childlike features, especially her full round cheeks without making them come across as chubby, was difficult. Following the tips for looking at it upside down, in a mirror, from a distance, etc. really helped me see the small details I needed to fix. I had so much fun with this! Doing the hair was my favorite part. And she recognized herself, so that's a good sign, I guess... :)

Once I finished my daughter's, I had to draw my son as well. I was having too much fun to be through, and he requested it. :)

Here's the reference:

And the final:

Trying to decide who to draw next!


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