My Andalucia Style guide

My Andalucia Style guide - student project

My Andalucia Style guide - image 1 - student projectHi Adam, 

I loved your class. What really stood out for me was your style guide and labelling your invisible things. I have been labelling my sketches because I didn't think people would know what they are, but your class helped me change that perspective into a positive thing, as a guide for people to understand the image better and actually I think it adds character too. So I took that and did a style/travel guide on where I grew up (Andalucía, South of Spain) and drew all my favourite places from that province in my sketchy style with watercolours. It started as practice sketches for me but turned into what I can now refer to as my Andalucia style guide, referring to these when I want to populate my worlds and help me when I do travel maps and places (I enjoy sketching places/views/maps). Thank you for making your classes for every artist, with interludes of inspiration and ideas for spurring creativity. 

Bella Straeuli
Watercolor, sketching, beginner