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Mike Yirce

A Continuously Working Brand



My Alternative to Homework in College. A Continuously Working Brand.

Hello World, 

The name game is always pleasent on the first day of class so i guess i'll start out like this.

My name is Mike Yirce, Im 21 years old and im currently in my fourth year of college at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I am currently studying marketing and plan to graduate next fall. I am from New York and I have lived on Long Island my entire life.

I've always had an entrepreneurial flame burning inside me though, whether it was pawning off junk from the garage, selling trading cards from my childhood (which in hindsight was an incredible waste of money), fixing my friends porn ridden computers, and even mowing lawns. 

All that seems like a huge resume booster doesnt it?

------------------------------------------------Not really...

So after getting a job every semester/summer and working to supporting myself, i found myself unhappy and barely making enough to maintain my hibitual dinking habits. I took action and analyzed what my so called college town had to offer. 

My Uninversity is notoriously famous for our Block Party. An opportunity for college students to invade the open streets and blackout before breakfast. Take a look for yourself, and see if you can guess who i am. ???????

Click to go to YouTube.

Well i hope i didnt ruin the rest of my intro by giving away key plot points, but i digress.

i woke up from a dream and there it was sitting right in front of me all this time. An idea. Light bulb flickers. A index finger is raised. I say to myself, "I will make T-shirts!" 

Did the research, High Pressure Heat Transfer was the low cost, easiest to maintain, and the shirts could be made to order so i didnt waste any money. Ive also been very interested in graphic design so it was a perfect fit.

As you can see in the Block Party video, Drunk college kids everywhere, and that was only one party. I was introduced into a bigger market than i could ever imagine. These kids have no store that sells, college state of mind T-shirts, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, PA. I didnt just step through, I exploded through the door!

Fast forward a little further, having sold over 1000 shirts this year, its September Fall '13 the off season (thumbs down) but an opportunity for planning none the less. 

Advertising Management's Final Assignment entails creating an Advertising campaign for a factitious company and give a presentation. This is when school comes in hand. What better way to develop my Jabs and Right Hooks.

I was also fortunate enough to make it into the top 5 for The Unleash Your Inner Husky Scholarship but unfortunately, i didnt win. Heres a link to my submission. Includes pictures of me and a timeline of the business. Please watch, i worked pretty hard and hopefully you can see what im all about. 

So lets draft some ideas on our media. Print to reach the students hands.  Please mind the rough scetchs.

 So we have -Brochures-Flyers-Business Cards-Mass E-mails-Blog-Links Social Media

Web to feed their technology addiction. Please mind the rough scetchs.

Lastly Video to stimulate their minds. Please mind the rough scetchs.

Well thats not all that exciting, Lets see some real examples.

After our discussion of the importance of logos in all of our advertisements

I whiped up this template and distributed them to every library cubicle before finals week

Probably my second favorite part of running my own business. Handing out my unusual T-shirt shaped business card that i make myself. These custom cards also double as handtags and media venues to things such as contact information, Links to social media, or coupons.

This is my idea of Viral Marketing. Say hello to the naked woman who likes to stand outside our library. I make tshirts so i often suit her with an invitation to the "No Pants Party"

I know our class does not involve print media but this is how small businesses grow.

These brochures helped alot, having the ability to basicly tailgate into any dorm i please, i simply grabbed a few buddies and distributed them directly. Within hours i see results of new follower, likes, shares, you name it. If i didnt want to steal Gary's thunder., i would call these "Knockouts".

Front sideBack side

Ex. Tumbler - Shared via Instagram

im new to tumbler but large images with many elements seem to trend on the website so seemed to fit in nicely. #TryUsOn Love the crossfunctional media linksNew to Pintrest as well but like we talked about, Instagram is a great platform to stay consistent with your social media updates by broadcasting across multiple platforms.

Ex. Shared via instagram. Call to action, timely, and informative.

Ex. of shared blog post to facebook. Includes a variety of emlements to engage the user. Simply looking at this post you see 6 different elements to engage the user(Like,Share,Facebook Page). Jab, jab, jab.

Vine is another interesting platform which i think still trumps Instagrams substitute. Heres how to make a T-shirt in 6 seconds- Copied to YouTube.

I was also fortunate enough to make it into the top 5 for The Unleash Your Inner Husky Scholarship but unfortunately, i didnt win. Heres a link to my submission. Includes more shirt pictures and a timeline of the business.

Well its finals week so i should probably get back and stop procrastinating, HA! just kidding...Drink Up Everybody! Cheer$ 


Dont forget to link up any follow me as... Well as I grow up

[email protected]

@ourtimeuniversity - Instagram

@ourtimebu - Twitter


"My business is very personal. My customers are the people who see me every day, they wear my shirts, and support me. I love them and this job!" - Mike Yirce



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