Lia Cecaci

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My Alphabet!

This is my second calligraphy class, and I'm excited to get back into it after 2 years! I have never really tried to 'make my own' alphabet yet, so here I go. I've started with a plain ol' pen to a Tombow to an ornament nib (?).

Once I get my letters looking how I want, I'm going to start at it with the pointed pen! We will see how it progresses!

My style is pretty cattywompus, but I guess that's just how my handwriting has always been. If I like a capital letter better visually, I will put it in where it shouldn't be capital etc. Oh well! It's always just been a visual thing for me, sorry grammar!

I struggle with my Bs, Fs, & Gs, Ys, visually. I never get good ones that I like. My Bs will look like Fs always, and I haaaate the bottom loops of Gs & Ys bleh.

Hope to get all my letters to my liking within the next week!


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