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Mia Richard

Artist | Graphic Designer | Illustrator



My Adventures in Art and Design


My name is Amelia Enge-Richard (Mia) and I am an artist. I come from a professional artist family and have been drawing, painting and creating since I could hold a pencil. It has really been an on again off again relationship with art. I have always sketched or doodled, but when I was a teen and in my early 20s I rebeled against it. We are back together and have been for the last 8 years. I had a rough time in my 20s and it was my husband (then boyfriend) who helped bring me back to my art.

I went to school for Interior Architecture and Design but was always drawn to the drawing and rendering part of creating designs. 

I am starting my freelance business called A Design Adventure. I have a facebook up and a website that I am still working on. I am still working on forming my personal mission statement, so far I have: Building a business can be very exciting and stressful. Together we can work as a team to build your visual presence online and in person. Let's Create Something! Its not very exciting but I am working on it!

My Facebook Page:

A Design Adventure

My website so far:

A Design Adventure

Here is my portfolio so far:

I have a couple of side projects I am working on. I always have something else I am doing because I just can't not create. I am working on a couple of coloring books and I have a collection of graphic illustrations of fairies and elves that I am working on mostly playing with gradient shapes. 




I would love some feedback on my website and my portfolio. I am really nervous about sharing with you all my stuff because it is really the first time I have with other fellow artists and designers since I am kinda new to the graphic design world. 



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