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My Academic Essay

           Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I agree with this quote. Education opens the gates to new opportunities, freedom, and even develops or extends interests, passions, and goals. I believe that education is the answer to securing a prospective future, a fantastic job, and a healthy life. My number one goal that I plan on accomplishing is going to an Ivy League college specialized in math and science. To achieve this goal it is essential for me to perfect my writing skills, have a thorough understanding of the college application and perform well on standardized tests, and to continue to excel in school.

            The essay is one of the most important pieces of any college application. The essay is where you express your personality and abilities and is what makes a student stand out from the rest of the applicants. To maximize my potential in getting into an Ivy League college, I believe the key lies in the essay. To write an outstanding essay, it is crucial for me to improve my writing skills and to start as early as possible. One way I'm preparing right now is by writing something- whether it's an essay, book review, or story- whenever I have time, reviewing English grammar, and building a strong vocabulary. In addition, I am reading and utilizing books such as, “How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay” and “Admitted! 50 Successful College Essays”. Thanks to the many resources and my own determination and commitment, I believe that I am one step closer to my dream college.

            Another important factor in college admission is to have a complete apprehension of the college application and to master standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Most Ivy League colleges look for scores in the 600’s to a perfect score of 800. In order to achieve this score range, I am preparing for the SAT right now by taking old SAT practice tests, registering for the SAT Question of the Day, following CollegeBoard’s guidelines, checking out books and DVD’s on SAT math, reading, and writing, and by officially taking the SAT at a testing center. Additionally, I made flashcards for difficult concepts, read books such as “SAT Vocabulary Power” to maintain a high-level vocabulary, took the PSAT, and practiced writing in preparation for the SAT essay. Standardized tests play a major role in college admissions and I am determined to achieve a high score on them.

            School is vital for anything, whether for a job interview, letters of recommendation, and in my case, college admissions. Any type of college, including Ivy League colleges, look to see if an applicant challenged himself and took difficult courses, contributed to school and community, and if an applicant actively participated in extracurricular activities. The next few years for me, grades 9-12, will play a critical role in my college application. When I picked my courses for ninth grade this year I strived to take the most challenging courses, which include Biology 1, English 9, Algebra 2/Trig, Computer Science, and Spanish 2. All of the courses I chose were honors level courses. Since the college I wish to attend specializes in math and science, I must take advantage of all of the math and science related activities at my high school. At my high school I plan on taking part in the Math Team, Science Olympiad, Chemistry Team, and E-Cybermission. Finally, colleges look for well-rounded students that have many interests. Right now I play the guitar, play competitive chess, and have a passion for reading novels in my leisure time. I hope that all of the steps I am taking outside of school make a lasting impression on admission officers.   

            Attending an Ivy League school has its many benefits. Ivy League colleges such as Harvard and Princeton have world-class facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, fantastic dormitories, and wonderful course programs.  I desire to attend an Ivy-League for all of these reasons and more. And to achieve that goal I am taking action right now through writing classes, SAT preparation, and taking advantage of all of the opportunities schools offer. Even though I am preparing and learning about college admissions at an early stage, I am sure I will make some mistakes. But in the end though, I am hopeful and confident that everything will work out and that I will be able to achieve my number one personal goal. 

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